It's allliiiiiiive! Things I'm still lovin'-Before it gets too sunny out. It did snow after all today...

Though 80%20 was one of the recent originators (or revival brands) behind the hidden wedge shoe, the trend has run rampant among shoe designers everywhere and has been made available in styles fit for both summer and winter. I'm not sure how I feel about the Joe's Jeans Bijou Wedge Booties interpretation, but I'm loving the detail crafted in the MAURIE & EVE Click Biker Boot (detailed pics below- available at Spanish Moss).
Jeffrey Campbell has also created a variety of shoes on the theme, and taps into the upcoming Spring espadrille trend with the the Throwdown Shoe in black canvas.
In light of all these Frankenstein trends, check out this vintage chenille spider web sweater I picked up at Beacon's Closet! A little out of season, but Halloween's my fave anyway....
Happy Wednesday! xo Litla

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  1. Loves Jeffery Campbell shoes!!follow you back:) !