That's right,

Hello dear friends! How long has it been? Too long! I guess I didn't entirely keep true to my promise, declaring I'd "be back shortly", but it's been 4 years of many adventures and exciting new projects to fill you all in on! The clothing line is still one among many goals, but I've moved from east coast, to west coast, to back east again, making production a little difficult. But enough excuses, how are ALL OF YOU? You have been missed dear ones, and your support and well wishes haven't gone unnoticed. Thank you. 
 If you're craving some new/pre-loved/vintage pieces for Fall, I've launched two online stores that I'll be adding new items to bi-weekly. (click links below and/or sidebar). To shop new and pre-loved:

And for my vintage finds:

 All sale proceeds will go towards launching some new textiles to sew into clothing for all of you! I've been working on some buttons too, and will keep you posted on my progress---I promise, within LESS than 4 years time. 
A very humble 'hello again' to everyone!!

xo Litla