HaPpY NeW YeAr, everyone!! Can you believe it's already 2016??!! Clearly I can't, judging from my expression to the left----kinda stunned, actually. 2015 went by too fast! Apparently, I got a hold of sparklers at some point in the evening on New Years Eve. Any New Years resolutions? I'm not sure I've EVER put any of those into practice, but perhaps 2016 could be my chance to give some a go. Many well wishes and rat kisses to all of you!
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I want to send a big 'thank you' to my parents (pictured) who have always been a pillar of love and support in my life. And to any readers out there: wherever you may be and whomever you are celebrating this holiday with, may it be one full of love, gratitude, and turkey---or tofurky (whichever floats your boat).  xo Litla


OK. So clearly from the picture above, the idea of wearing a pair of pants, attached to a bib, covered with multiple fastenings and a guaranteed prolonged process of getting undressed (or taking a pee), used to drive me crazy. In fact, my mother used to make me wear my brother's hand-me-downs, so every pair of overalls I had featured some kind of train, plane, or truck patched to the front. But perhaps these onesies and I got off on the wrong foot. Now I can't get enough of 'em! A whole outfit in one?! Who cares about the complications of trying not to let them touch the floor in a public restroom, I have so many pairs/variations at this point, it's kind of an addiction. Below are some of my favorites that are out and about right now.  


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Hello again, my dears. To continue on with the 4+ years of catching up we have to do, I thought I'd share some details of my 8 month stay in Portland, OR in 2012. Though the food, coffee, and independent fashion designers are all hard to top out there, I admit, I found myself longing for the smell of subway urine and the sound of a taxi horn blaring for a minimum of 2 whole minutes(as is NYC tradition). That being said, it was an amazing stay, and I can't complain that I had the chance to get above ground for a little while. I'd like to say it was sunny on the outside, but as I was warned, the Portland Winter proved to be a good 4 months of spritzy rain. This might have stumped any chances of a good hair day, but I had enough to keep me distracted with Portland's fabulous selection of good food, good coffee, and good boutiques.
was, and still remains, one of my favorite shops in SW Portland. With a minimal layout, the store showcases a range of innovative International designers whose conceptual work runs parallel to their clean and creative aesthetics.
was another favorite, featuring the collection of Etoile Isabel Marant, Christophe Lemaire, and Vetements (a new found love of mine) to name a few. 
I can't leave outwhere I found a great Creatures of Comfort dress on sale. Ilana Kohn, Horses Atelier and Rachel Comey are only some of the brands they carry, including a good selection of menswear. 
Lastly, the famous shoe super store  couldn't be missed. Located right across the street from Odessa, it was a convenient all-in-one shopping visit on a rainy Portland day.

I'd be remiss in my west coast recount if I didn't mention my love affair with CAFFEINE that blossomed during my time there. When it comes to Portland in particular, there were far too many great cafes to choose from. 2012 was before Stumptown became a household name, and third wave coffee was a sensation that had yet to grace my little rat lips. I'd have to give my #1 vote to the superb blends of Heart Coffee Roasters, maintaining two beautiful locations on the Eastside and Westside of town. With a limited menu on any extra gimmicks, these cafes maintained a respectable business model of only doing one thing, and doing one thing EXTREMELY WELL. I still craaaaaaave this stuff. (Yes, that's me pictured, pretty buzzed). If you're ever in Portlandia, have a cup of heart coffee to go alongside all the vegan, gluten free, and other health concious food options that are in abundance (and a definite BONUS) on that side of the country. I say it's totally worth it.
Below are a few pics of my adventures just outside the big city. That's enough blabbing for now. Happy Autumn!

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In September of 2011, I was fortunate enough to partake in the NES Artist Residency in the small fishing village of Skagastond, in Iceland. While looking over pictures from my 6 week stay there, it's difficult to find a way to put Iceland into words---I've never experienced such light, such landscape, and such a necessary sense of isolation in all my little rat life. If an abundance of licorice candies, sky views of the aurora borealis, and earthen houses aren't your thing, it might not be your kind of trip.
With a few days stay in Reykjavik, I couldn't resist stopping by KronKron to see the fabulous collections in person. Many designers are featured in the store, including one of my ALL TIME FAVORTIES Henrik Vibskov. The perfect sense of whimsy with his use of prints and proportion, he's always top on my list to check out each season. 
Enjoy some trip pics!

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That's right,

Hello dear friends! How long has it been? Too long! I guess I didn't entirely keep true to my promise, declaring I'd "be back shortly", but it's been 4 years of many adventures and exciting new projects to fill you all in on! The clothing line is still one among many goals, but I've moved from east coast, to west coast, to back east again, making production a little difficult. But enough excuses, how are ALL OF YOU? You have been missed dear ones, and your support and well wishes haven't gone unnoticed. Thank you. 
 If you're craving some new/pre-loved/vintage pieces for Fall, I've launched two online stores that I'll be adding new items to bi-weekly. (click links below and/or sidebar). To shop new and pre-loved:

And for my vintage finds:

 All sale proceeds will go towards launching some new textiles to sew into clothing for all of you! I've been working on some buttons too, and will keep you posted on my progress---I promise, within LESS than 4 years time. 
A very humble 'hello again' to everyone!!

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